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I'm trying to print out a PDF set of layouts, 30"x42", 19 sheets total and am noticing a scary bug. Every time I publish, I notice that one or two sheets are shown as saved, but with no size shown in the "Publishing" list. - Opening the PDF set shows...

DennisG by Participant
  • 11 replies

Text and formatting

Hello all, Does the text editor allows for "tabs" or tables. Similar to the "index" table or other "schedule" found in the program. I have building information sheets and other tables I'd like to create for construction documents and I don't want to ...

xacto by Newcomer
  • 7 replies

Artlantis animation - building not visible

Hi everyone! I'm currently working on my very first AC16 + Artlantis 4 project. I built a model in ArchiCAD, imported into Artlantis, edited materials, objects, etc and made some photorealistic pictures. No problems occured until I wanted to create a...

Morzsa by Newcomer
  • 5 replies

Interior Elevations in AC17

We are discovering what appears to be a bug in AC17. When interior elevations are placed, if they have to be adjusted because a room changes, there are strange things happening. Markers rotating, the entire elevation rotating. Still trying to nail th...

kevin b by Newcomer
  • 2 replies

reactivate Artlantis

Anyone know how to reactivate Artlantis? My computer suddenly suffered damage due to the motherboard BIOS update before I did not do my Artlantis deactivasi. How to deactivate it manually? Since I can not reactivate on a new computer

Grayscale lines/fills and black lines

Does anyone know if you can print/publish/plot a drawing that has black lines as well as grayscale lines and fills? I am a new user, from acad trying to set up my template and not able to make this happen. In acad you assign whatever pens you want to...

Dogwood by Newcomer
  • 6 replies

old quicktime movie

Am trying to open a quicktime movie (.mov) that I generated with AC version 9 in 2004. If I try to just open it, I get "error 108-unknow error". If I click play, I get a black screen in quicktime player with nothing showing. Anybody know how to open ...

fonts problem in v17

I am working in archicad on a PC. When we publish drawings and open them up on a mac the font is all screwed up this used to only happen with the the rare architectural type fonts but now it is happening with Arial which is one of the most basic. I c...

Free Artlantis library

Is there anything such as a free Artlantis library that will help with architectural renders. the standard library with Artlantis is ok but need more materials and more trees and things like this, if anyone can point me in the right direction would b...

Print to PDF

Hi there I have found that the built in ArchiCAD PDF creator creates quite large files. Lately I have been using CutePDF (File - Print to PDF) This solves the File Size Issue (Usually about 25% of the size) however it is very slow opening some pages ...