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The facade cladding on renovation status

Hi, I have a house to draw, the facade needs to be changed, while the core itself remains unchanged. I would only like the facade cladding to be demolished, but I don't know. I thought to make the facade cladding as an additional wall, but then I hav...

Unstable Label Tool

This label tool seems very unstable. The correct way is shown below, but it changes to the incorrect way shown on the top. How can we fix this. It happened in previous version of Archicad and it is happening in 24.


I was trying to convince myself to BIMx for the 684th time(I even paid for it when it was Virtual Building Explorer). The concept is great and It has huge potential but... But there are 3 different version with different functionalities and capabilit...

Creating a new section

Hi all. I have a strange issue where creating a new section will look completely different from all other sections. The same result happens with the creation of a new interior elevation. The job is almost complete and I have many sections and interna...

Too Long by Participant
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