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Grid lines and fills showing in black in layout

Hello, im new to Archicad and im sure this question has been covered but i couldn't find an answer that worked.Basically i have used the grid element tool to insert grids on my ground floor plan.I have also used an 'earth' fill to show behind a retai...

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Automatic Door Operators

Just wondering how others here model and schedule automatic sliding and swing door operators.I am working on a hospital building with in excess of 1800 door sets and am trying to have as much as reasonable within the model to prevent coordination iss...

Standard for Building Material IDs

Curious about what system people use for their Building Material IDs.I can't seem to find a national standard (NZ).I have been using a pretty basic numbering system (BM01, BM02, BM03 etc).This has been alright a but a bit of a nuisance when ordering ...

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Label number of risers per flight

I'm trying to set up some stair drawings and I would like as much as possible to be automatic. I'm using labels to indicate the flight number and would like to show the number and height of risers per flight. The stair is modelled as a U-shape so the...

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Rico by Booster
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Protruding Dots at Drawing Boundaries

this was already probably a bit of an annoyance earlier to me, but someone brought it to my attention. on the left, you've got a screenshot of a drawing on a layout with a break-line object with a masking fill covering the rest of the slab section de...

211028 Unmasked Lines in PDFs.png

Resolved! 2D Fill not alligned to slab

Hello! One of the easy questions I think!How come my 2D fill is not willing to allign to my slab? I want to have a slab of insulation - is there any way to make the 2D fill fit into the section of this element? Thank you!

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Surface Texture fill exported as solid in PDF

Hi! I use a surface texture on a section which I publish to PDF. On top of this surface texture I have placed a gradient fill. When publishing (or saving, have tried both and with image compressing on and off) the surface texture becomes a solid, dep...

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Kaj_AL by Booster
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Resolved! can't change door surface color

I have created a favorite interior door based on library object D1 24. But when I use the favorite I am unable to then change the door surfaces (to, say, "orange"). Why would this be? If I select another favorite (say, a bifold door) I can easily cha...

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weird elevation shadows on roof

can somebody help me with why I am getting these strange shadows on my roof surface in elevation? this is looking at the side of a pitched roof.  

Screen Shot 2021-10-26 at 11.52.11 AM.png