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Pasted text changes size

Hi all, I've noticed an issue that is starting to bother me and wondering if anyone else have a similar experience or perhaps a solution. Everytime I copy text from one label (typical annotation with arrow for detail) the text never seem to come thro...

fhedberg by Contributor
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3D Sketch showing weird when put on sheet

[AC23] I am using a saved 3D window that renders to a sketch view, when I place them on a sheet if I place at the default 800x600 size there is no issues at all, but as soon as I increase the size, there seems to be the extra size being blacked out a...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Changing standard lines and symbols etc.

I'm quite new to archicad or any other such software so maybe this is a dumb question. Is it possible to change lines and symbols and such for the whole project? Like in my case I'd like them to follow the Swedish standard. But I can't figure out how...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Not adding every layout when doing new issues

At the moment, when I create a new issue, it loads in every single layout. In some of my files there are at least hundred layouts. Then i would have to scroll down the list and delete it all, then add the ones I want that are relevant via the change ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Graphic Overrides on a Detail view

I have been trying to figure out there logic Archicad follows here and just keep hitting a wall. 1. I want to change the graphic override of the detail view to "no overrides". 2. I get this message: "changes will not take effect until you rebuild thi...

Narska by Advocate
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bow seal

Need help How to create a stamp with the degrees, radius, tangent, base and length of an arc? View image. Thank you

Solid Element Operations and Renovation Filter

I have a simple terrain set to "Existing" and i have a slab set to "New" that sits on top and penetrates the terrain a bit. I subtract the slab from the terrain to make some sort of dig, but when go back and forth between Existing and New renovation ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Detail Tool in ArchiCAD 23

I have experience when making details in the section with the Detail Tool and don't see it looking properly, opening it on the Project Map will be fine but for a moment, when I will see it on this View Map will disappear and disappear all will only b...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Resolved! change project zero to a new elevation

I have a project that I had pretty much finished. I now just got a survey that the clients found. I made a mesh and added all the z elevations points. I was going to make contours lines off of this as the survey just has random survey elevation point...

Zones - Associative Dimensions

Is there a way to associate dimensions to zones? I use zones for preliminary planning and would like the dimensions to update dynamically will changing zones sizes / locations. ArchiCAD 21 + 23 macOS Mojave 10.14.6