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Zone tool Perimeter/Dimensions

Working with the Zone tool and showing the perimeter. The perimeter unit is related to the one specified under the Linear Dimension in the Preferences. So if they are in mm the perimeter and the dimensions will show in mm. How can I have the perimete...

Lost printer in ArchiCAD 9 & 8.1

Earlier today I printed something on screen in v9 to a networked Kyocera printer. Came out fine. Loaded another file in 8.1 and tried to call up the page settings and I get a error that says no printers available go to one. I have a...

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PM: Drawing Usage

In a .lbk made with View Set I found my PC read under Drawing Usage/Status row "modified", but in other PC's at the network read "Not read yet". So i can see all the view set fine, but my teamworks can't. Any idea?

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Grouping Elements in Interactive Schedule

I am creating a schedule of electricval items and would like to group them by a) categories - lighting and wiring; and, if possible, b) by storey. I haven't found a thread that covered this issue. Is there a way to force these groupings. It appears t...

Plotmaker 9 Slow loading and update

These are two items but possibly related. We have a 300 meg layout book which worked fine in Plotmaker 3 but was recently updated. The file loads in about the same amount of time (couple of minutes) but then in 9 (but never in 3.1) the Navigator goes...

gaps between letters/fonts on CD's

I am relatively new to 8.1 and used to use print2pict to transfer over specifciations from Word. The first set i created worked really well in writing all notes in Word then transferring them to plotmaker. I use "Arial Narrow" as my font, and I usual...

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Dimension Preferences, Accuracy and Views

Is there a way to change the accuracy for all dimensions in a project? We are using AC9 on MacOS 10.3. Both the Help and Manual seem to imply that making changes in the dimensin preference dialog box is for the entire project but it is not. It is ass...

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Table of Contents in Plotmaker

Can someone please describe to me how to automatically place the layout names on a single (i.e. cover sheet) so as to be able to automatically generate a table of contents or sheet index. Thanks for the assistance. David

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PM9 to PM 3.1

Is it my imagination, or is it not possible to go backwards from v9 Plotmaker to v3.1 Plotmaker?

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Detail Tool & 1/4" Plans

if i have an 1/8" plan i am working on and want to do a blow up of, lets say a ADA bathroom, how does the rest of the AC community do this? i am wanting all the detail symbols to be referenced by PM. If i use the detail tool on the bathroom it will u...