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Resolved! Turning insulation around windows and doors

Hello everyone!I have been trying unsuccessfully to turn the insulation around the doors of this building. I know it has something to do with the tab "Wall closure" but I haven't figured it out. The wall is a composite. All I've managed to do is turn...

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change curtain wall panel reference line

valar morthulis, i think old style Archicad talk forum was better can't even add picture here, also imported topics' posts' alignment's are WRONG, i hope with updating everything will fall into place. my problem is actually not serious but if there i...

Dynamic Arrays?

What do you consider to be best practise when modeling a system of elements that are configured as an array such as rafters, joists etc.? Quite often you want to be to change array parameters such as path, distance, number of copies.Multiply has clea...

House - Bent shell roof

ASM Techbase next Quick Coffee Tip is ready. This tutorial is showing you how to create a nice roof shape using the shell tool. Enjoy Carsten Link:

Resolved! Drawing Gable End Walls with Break Line in Plan

Is there a way to automatically have a wall break in plan where the floor plan cut plane is for a gable end wall (or other walls that slope down through the break line, such as below stairs)? If not, how do you like to handle this type of condition? ...

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