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Pop-up toolbars run away

Hi, Recently I've had to install ArchiCAD 16 64bits in a new machine, I'm not sure but I think that there's a bug in this version in pop-up menus. Everytime I selected some object from workspace (wall, text, boards, objects, everything) to apply comm...

3d will NOT WORK modeling a building built in 1912; three story w/basement. wanted to show 3d Sections 2 (North/South) and 2 (East/West)...the East/West came out fine, when I run the Heavy line Marquee along the North/south section won't generate a p...

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copy paste not working

Hi I'm using archicad 19 6006 on OS X 10.10, In archicad I can't copy paste anything. on a floor plan if I copy paste something I get an error message telling me that the clipboard is empty. When I cut something the element disappear but I can't past...

julienK by Advocate
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Creating Stairs

Hello, I am trying to create stairs in situ and everything is brilliant apart from the fact the Archicad keeps showing one extra step where the landing is supposed to be. If I turn the landing off the number for the last riser disappears as well. Is ...

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Central Innovation Ltd acquires Cadimage Group Limited

Read the announcement here: Would be great to hear from someone in the know about what this could mean for ARCHICAD in Australia and New Zealand in the future in terms o...

Missing component in Built-in story marker..?

Greetings all, I have just started looking through AC20 that’s just rolled out and wondering if anyone else have noticed that the story markers (Built-in Story marker), no longer allows you to add any “floor level coding” as it was noted in previous ...

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Morph Tool Question

Where two adjacent faces have a common edge, we can CURVE and MERGE the edge. Does anybody knows how to select the radius of the curve? or what the default radius dimension is?