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Global SSA Database

Archicad has many localized versions. The Subscription Service Agreement (SSA) is now limited to what your local distributer has to offer. Comparing the range of goodies, add-ons, free gdl library elements, templates, etc. from different SSA localizations (ArchiPlus, ArchiCard, ...) gives one a glimpse of what all these Archicad additions are capable of but can't be accessed or used outside of one localized environment.

This is why, for all Archicad users out there, I propose a Global SSA Database. It still can have a location based structure, but with general access to each localized content for all SSA users. If there are some special Archicad additions which can't be offered to all SSA users (for whatever reason) one can still arrange a limited access to those features, or put a pricetag to it.

The BIMcomponents website could host this.

Archicad 4.55 - 24 | HP Z800 | Dual Xeon X5667 | 48 GB RAM | Nvidia Quadro P1000 @ Windows 10 Pro x64


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