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Railing corner posts issue

After a long while out of the CAD business I'm back with v 21. I am having trouble getting a railing to play ball. Refer the attachment and you can see the two lefthand post do not align with the top left post not where I would like it to be. It shou...

window placement in wall thickness, Passive House

I would like to know if there is a control to show a window frame and sash at a particular position relative to the exterior face of a wall, not necessarily right at the outside face. Is there a control for this? This would be particularly useful whe...

View to Layout issue

Hi! Help me please with one issue. Working with this interior: Looking at View from the top you can see correct picture: But if you put this View to Layout, it will be incorrect: Why this is happens? Suppose it is something with Floor Plan Cut Plane ...

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Are you using 22?

Are you using ArchiCAD 22? In the past there have been lots of discussions about new features or as it seemed last year lots of complaints about bugs. This year 22 seems to have come out and disappeared from discussion. If you are using it is it stab...

Archicad 22 save time

For some odd reason, saving is taking longer than it should in AC22. After hitting save, it is taking two to three minutes to complete the save. Same PC and server setup that I ran for AC20, AC21 and now AC22. AC21 still saves fast as it normally did...

Red by Enthusiast
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Flat roof with pitch at the front. Create shape how

How would I create this roof shape, not even sure I've titled it right? this was quickly done in Sketchup.. Originally I tried using a slab for the flat section then a roof squashed as much as I could, but just looked wrong in 3D and elevation. I've ...

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3D Window non responsive and blank

Would be most grateful for some further light and knowledge. My 3D window has suddenly become non responsive and I can't see the model even the 'Fit To Window' does not have any effect. I have also noticed that the one elevation is fixed to a wirefra...

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Special Windows_for mosquito mesh and glass

Hi How do you make special windows in ArchiCad, where you have a shutter for mosquito mesh opening inside and the other shutter of glass opening outside. This window design is very common in India. The frame will have 2 shutters, typically, 5" x 2.5"...

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