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3D Detail level of cabinets

Hi Guys. I am hoping someone can assist me with a simply query regarding to the 3D Representation of Cabinet Knobs and Taps. I was able to view them yesterday but today they are unfortunately missing. I have checked the MVO settings and confirmed tha...

ArchiCAD25 Theatre Project

I just watched the webinar on how the advertised project on the Archicad 25 start-up screen was made, but I didn't see or hear anything on how they modeled that exterior shape of the theatre. I was wondering what tool they used. The envelope consulta...

How do I PAN

There is no PAN button on the bottom of my AC24 screen. There used to be a 'hand' labelled button but it is no longer there.I've now noticed this because I used to depress the scroll wheel on my mouse. But I've just got a new computer and a K4 screen...

No Pan butto on my AC24 desktop.PNG
KeesW by Contributor
  • 11 replies

Beam overhead lines above ceiling

hello, everybody. I have such situation on the floor plan: 1.Floor(slab) - 2.cut plane above 1.Floor - 3.tilted beam above 2.cut plane - 4.ceiling(slab) above part of 3.tilted beam - and another part of 3.tilted beam above 4.ceiling. There is an over...

jenkashevchenko_0-1634973506054.png jenkashevchenko_1-1634973578395.png jenkashevchenko_2-1634973619546.png

exterior casing flipping between saved views?

First image is the first floor plan with the exterior casing correctly showing: The second image shows the first floor electrical plan with the exterior casing flipped inward on the opening: To my knowledge, the only thing I changed between the two v...

Elec-mvo-02.png Elec-mvo.png
proto by Booster
  • 6 replies

Resolved! Favourite Name as IfcType Name

Hi, Is it or will it be possible to get the Favourite name of an element as the IfcType Name? It would be great for information management in my opinion. Also, is there a way to see from what favourite an element on the model is? Thanks a lot! Best r...

MaFarine by Contributor
  • 3 replies

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