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Wall Dimensioning

When I dimension the length and width of a room, ArchiCAD automatically dimensions the wall thickness as well in addition to its length or width.... I am constantly selecting the wall thickness and deleting it--- how do I turn off this feature?

Schedule: Some object don't show 3d view

My bath accessories schedule shows the 3d view of the robe hook in only in some instances. Why? Same library part. Object exists in office library on server. Or in office library on Dropbox. Modules read the same library as the host file. Multiple mo...

Continuous wall with varying thicknesses

How do I create one continuous wall where the wall thickness varies as in the attached screenshot? I've managed something using the trapezoid or polygon option to create separate sections, but I can't then get them to join properly. If I try to join ...

gabalco by Newcomer
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Add shader to layer at top of stack?

Hi, I use the Layer system in CineRender's surfaces quite a lot, as we can build up quite complex maps that way. One really annoying thing is whenever you add a new shader, it adds it beneath the current top shader, rather than at the top of the stac...

Leaf Thickness in Door Schedule

Hello, I am currently working on a door schedule. I want a field which displays a doors width, height, and thickness. I decided to go with the Nominal W x H x T field. This field does accurately show my doors width and height, but it shows the wall t...

Resolved! Problem when inserting view in layout

Hi there, When I insert a view in a layout (either by "drag & drop" or by "placing drawing") it creates many layouts at the same time. This can be solved by changing the frame behavior from "manually resized frame" to "fit frame to drawing". My quest...