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exterior shell model only?

hello, is there a way to publish a model of the exterior only and does not allow you to go inside? I want to share a model with a client put it is not finished out on the interior. Thanks

Do not see lighting in rendering

I am rendering my model and have lighting fixtures. I do not see the lighting as far as spot lighting and shadows that I have seen in examples and other work. I have included a screen shot with the options I have selecting in the Photo Rendering Sett...

Title Block Migration

Hi, I am trying to use a title block I created for my last project, so I am just trying to cut and paste it onto a new title block in the new project, but it comes in in a larger scale, that I don't have control of. Is there a better way to do this? ...

Scotty by Newcomer
  • 1 replies

collate while plotting

after all these years how come Archicad still does not have a collate feature when plotting? or is this an issue with Mac? Archicad 19 5005 USA full version, user since 4.1 iMac 10.10.5

ron by Newcomer
  • 5 replies

CineRender - Brick Common Flemish

Hi Everyone, I am trying to achieve a common flemish pattern with the brick shader. 1 - Is there a way to add a feature such that I can make it such that the row that have alternating End row width have another option to say how many end pieces you w...

vgodzb by Newcomer
  • 4 replies

Tittle Line changing size

Hi everyone! I'm having a problem with the tittles in my layout views, as soon as I move the position of the tittle of a drawing the width can only be set by length parameter and not by text size or drawing, and if I move the drawing after that the s...

ArchiCAD 19 - Dimensions disappearing

Hi, Just seeing if any else is having this issue in AC19. When dimensioning walls within a teamwork file (dimensions are associated to the wall). The issue we have is after dimensioning the walls, the next time you or someone in the team accesses the...

Vinceno by Newcomer
  • 14 replies