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Zones - Text alignment

Hi Guys, I'm working in V18 and have only just started to use zones. I cant seem to make the text align to the center though. so as an example, the top text will read "Master Suite" and the text below is to read "CARPET" for the floor finish. Is ther...

Tecnica by Newcomer
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Detail Viewpoints and Detail views

In these place states the 2d content generated from the model appears the same has any other 2d content placed by the user. A user whom follows another user in working to modify the placed 2d content from what we can tell has no visual cues as to wha...

Archicad 18 LWF Workflow

Hello. With the new awesome cinerender in Archicad I am wondering if Linear Workflow for Gamma Correct Lighting is possible? Is it possible?

Enlarged plans

How do I create a bubble for an enlarged bathroom plan and then drag that detail to the sheet? I can't seem to be able to use the detail tool for a live enlarged plan. It copies only lines and explodes it all. Revit does this without a problem. Is th...

ArchiCAD 18 - Interior Animation

Hello everyone, I have a problem with my interior animations in ArchiCAD 18 in that the light sources (lamps specifically) seem to be recalculated in a slightly different manner in every scene, thus creating a time lapse/disco light feel to the anima...

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