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Saving Labels in 23 and 24 - difference

When I save 2D Objects with autotext elements I can Create my own labels. Great. If I save 2D Objects with other labels as labels it works too!!! this is what i need. But it only works AC23 not in 24!? Why not? (In 23. it puts a "call" into the GDL)

lukaso by Participant
  • 10 replies

Fill pattern scales in PDF

Hi all! New ArchiCAD user here. I have been teaching myself ArchiCAD by trial and error, watching lots of videos and frequently finding my answers in this forum. Now I have an issues that I can't find the resolution for in any of the usual resources....

cssage by Newcomer
  • 4 replies

AC24 3D Document bug?

Hey, does 3D document have a bug in the latest AC24, that it doesnt show windows and doors when the 3d document view has been added on a layout? Se atteched images, windows show in AC23 but not in AC24.

joimagg by Newcomer
  • 2 replies

Section Viewpoint on Enlarged Plans only

Hello, First time post. Go easy on me. I am two weeks into learning ArchiCAD 24. I am preparing a small residential project for my kick-off project in ArchiCAD. My question concerns controlling where the Section Markers are displayed. I have created ...

Naming of Renovation statuses

This is a long shot but is there any way to change the renovation status text "To be demolished" to something shorter like "Demolished"? Finding with schedules and auto-text labels it looks lengthy and a bit out of place. For example "existing" doesn...

Element transfer to ignore text style

I'm not sure if this is possible. We have auto text labels setup which we use to document engineered items. Something like this: #Name/Type by Engineer. Refer #Engineer's Reference in Engineer's section of Project Specification. The only problem is t...

Preparation for exporting to 3D rendering

Hi all, I'm just looking for some guidance on how best to prepare my drawings for export into Lumion and/or Twinmotion, mainly with regards to the allocation of surfaces within ArchiCAD as well as what extent a site is modelled within ArchiCAD vs the...

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