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Door clearance options

Hi All, A silly question but is there a way to be able to select the type of door clearance option required depending on the opening direction of the door and the direction of people approaching it?For example in Revit this can be created in a door f...

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cs_ryl by Booster
  • 8 replies

Resolved! Random Origin Point

why does this random User Origin Point appear when i sometimes try to move another element that's nowhere near it? there are times when this random Origin Point appears hundreds of meters away. It affects the parallel constraints when i try to drag t...

GerryLeonor_1-1661817434901.png GerryLeonor_2-1661817536552.png

Resolved! Hide Change Marker for new layouts

Hi all, we often have to create a new Layout after we have sent out multiple Transmittal Sets. And it's often a View that contains "old" already transmitted Changes we need to place on this new Layout, meaning that "old" Change Markers and Clouds wil...

Resolved! Elevation Lines not appearing on Floorplans

Hello, I've never had this happen before within my settings for my elevation marker as I'm trying to highlight the extension lines for my elevations & sections markers on the floorplans.I've tested out using other markers to see if the settings would...

coolmate by Participant
  • 2 replies