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HI, GUYS. I have a problem with level dimensions. (image as a reference is in the attachement) I need a fixed level dimensions and as you can see on the ref. image for this purpose I used the "to Stored Origin" option. And everything works fine until...

Does anyone have a tip how to publish a decent PDF on Windows?

I know it has been discussed but I've not seen a solution. The problem is this: When published from Windows PCs the PDFs take minutes to open - if at all - and our associates are complaining. Since I am the only Mac user I'm constantly asked to repub...

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Linked Markers from separate Archicad Files

This happens when importing views from another ArchiCAD file into the layouts of the main file.1. Source markers display correct linking.2. Linked markers lose their link.I sow this topic discussed in another discussion but did not find it satisfying...

Narska by Advocate
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Insanely slow layouts in Teamwork

Over the last couple of weeks (maybe more)... the Layouts in my project have become insanely slow... Simply trying to PAN can lag in the area of 15sec... Trying to SELECT and move a drawing on the layout even more... Even just trying to add a Text La...

Trace reference is not working

Hello, I am having some problems with the tracing reference tool, it works when I apply it to a worksheet but between floors it wont trace.. any suggestions.. I attached photos so you can see what I mean. Thank you

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graphic scale for drawing title

I know there used to be an option for a Graphic Scale with one or some of the drawing titles, but I cannot seem to find it. There is an option to "load other drawing title" but where would I find other drawing titles?

cropping embedded drawings

I drag a pdf drawing from my local folder onto a layout (say a survey or a strutural layout from another office). The I break the link in drawing manager so that when other people in my office open the .pln it is there. Then I crop the drawing. The n...

Window schedule not showing related zone

This is really a big frustration! I have set a schedule that lists doors and windows. After a lot of trial and error I managed to get all doors to correctly show their related zone name and number. But not windows! For some reason unknown a door in t...

Saving Labels in 23 and 24 - difference

When I save 2D Objects with autotext elements I can Create my own labels. Great. If I save 2D Objects with other labels as labels it works too!!! this is what i need. But it only works AC23 not in 24!? Why not? (In 23. it puts a "call" into the GDL)