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Resolved! Explaining how Pens&Colors work

Hi, I'm using Archicad for almost a year now and I got to know most of the environment and the workflow. I'm in process of setting up my own template file and one of the things that is still a bit unclear are the pens. In the pens & color menu you ca...

Dimensioning Rails & Stairs

i doubt it's a bug, either way it's annoying...but please, tell me if i'm doing it wrong.when dimensioning Stairs or Rails, you cannot have a Linked dimension node to many parts of the Stair and Railing elements. 3D view of stair model for reference:...

GerryLeonor_3-1686274782550.png GerryLeonor_0-1686274581083.png GerryLeonor_1-1686274589541.png GerryLeonor_2-1686274601213.png

Labels in 3d views for zones?

 I managed to turn everything off and just show the zones. I also need to label the zones and show floor areas. I only managed to label and individual name the labels on the print page but I rather have it with labels in the 3d view and using the zon...