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Resolved! Doors and window background FIlls index number

Hi everyone, I have had issues with the background fills of all my doors and window which have all gone weird to the brick background as I have renamed the fills to my initials. Could anyone suggest correcting the back to the Fills "background" of al...

Resolved! Autotext for veneer thickness for columns

I'm trying to set up an autotext based favourite where when the post size changes, the label will auto update. I'm able to use autotext for the width, but I'm running into trouble with the veneer thickness. Is it possible to autotext this?


Migrating Classifications, again

Hello,we are about to migrate from Archicad 24 to 26 and wish to be sure that we are using the recommended methods to migrate classifications. A) For not migrated files, towards the end, there was the following description in this post:rename in the ...

_c_ by Enthusiast
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Line thickness

And if it is my high res screens let me know. I am having a hard time with the line weights you cannot see. I come from another platform that is wysiwyg. Not a great program but that helped with detailing I feel like I am guessing because I really do...

Associated labels move when object is rotated

I'm having an issue with labels moving that are associated to an object. I have created an auto-text label that generates a different text label for the object based on the scale. So at 1:100, it labels a toilet "wc" but at 1:20, it labels the toilet...

text styles in Acrhicad tables

Hello, I have been setting up my Archicad charts but I discovered I cannot addit text (size, thickness, colour, aligment...), not event for the title of a table. Text styles aret not available and after I click the arrow, nothing happens (see the pic...

Bara3 by Booster
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