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Resolved! Graphical overwrite - no control over individual material in walls?

Hi All, I want to know if it's possible to use Graphical Overwrite to highlight individual wall layers? See example below: I have a composite wall with Brick+Cavity+Stud+Interior lining. On a plan that's Showing Entire Model, I would like to be able ...

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cs_ryl by Booster
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Flythrough videos corrupted on Mac

Hi, When I try to create flythrough videos 4 out of 5 times the saved file is corrupted and can not be opened by any video editing software. Happens regardless of choosing .mov or .mp4 Have been trying on slightly older iMac as well as a brand new to...

Property Expressions

I have been trying to figure out how to use the built-n property "elevation to project zero" to do an off-set calculation, but it does not seem like this is a property I can use in a calculation. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

gdford by Advisor
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Resolved! How to do ? Nice 3D view - Without rendering

Hi I would like to reach good 3D view what I can present for design alternatives.- I don't need rendering and Archicad rendering view is so time consuming - I'm doing silly but working solution. I preset 3D view and than I do Screenshot=> Look much b...

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Resolved! Can t use Ctrl+ Up or Ctrl+L

Hi! Recently I encountered a problem with my shortcuts. When I try to change the story by using CTRL+ UpArrow or I try to open the Layer menu using CTRL+L i have to hold down both CTRL and release the first one while holding down the other CTRL and U...

Larisk by Participant
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Storey Marker - GDL Editing

Hi All, I'm hoping someone can guide me through creating an additional option in Basic Storey Marker. I want to create a list option to include a prefix to the Elevation, a drop down list that includes "RL" and "FFL".

Resolved! Wall buildup type change in associative way instead of independently

Hi All, I've encountered an issue where a composite wall profile that has Brick+Air+Stud+Interior Finish in it. When I change the Type of the Brick to Core, the Air also changes with it, and when I change the Air Type to Other, then Stud follows the ...

cs_ryl by Booster
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Resolved! Stair rendering issue

Hi,I'm stumped by this problem and am hoping to find some leads here... We have a project we've been working on since 2017, which means the file has been migrated several time to new versions of Archicad. The stairs that used to render just fine are ...

Walls and slabs (and sometimes Roofs) are disappearing from 3d

Hi community. There seems to be a bug (memory leak?) thats causing certain elements to not show up in 3D views. The elements are showing in plan and elevation just fine. They are on the correct layers and phase (same as they've always been.). I've ha...