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Mural on a wall

Hello Everyone, I am currently on a conceptual building and it requires me to add a mural on a 4 story wall. Can you tell me if that is possible? I know I can photoshop it but I was wondering if I could do it directly with archicad. Thank you for you...

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blue on floor plans

Me and my co-student both use Archicad 27. But after we send the file to each other all the objects and windows turn blue on the ground floor. This only happens to the objects we place after the exchange of the file. What can i do about this?  

Schermafbeelding 2023-10-18 110924.png

empty file

Hello I have a problem with my ongoing project file. It was about 130mb large and was difficult to handle. So I tried deleting different stuff, decor, furniture etc to reduce the size. Nothing really happened. Finally I deleted everything from the fi...