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window in curved wall

i want to put a window on a curved wall.even i marked the curved line in model at window default setting but it does not work.i put the window and it is straight not curved. do i miss anything. AC 8.R3

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New Interface for ArchiCAD 8.1 Help files

Click here to open Help files, in our new format, for ArchiCAD 8.1. From any page in the Help files, click the envelope button at top right to create a mail message with your feedback. (The messa...

teamwork and marquee box

a teamate is assigned part of a storey (limited by marquee), but I can't get access to the area outside the marquee, how do I access this area? Drawing another marquee box that covers everything else except the teammates area seems a dumb way to do i...

Importing shortcuts from AC 8.0 to AC 8.1

We have received the upgrade to 8.1 last thursday, and I would like to recover our own shortcuts (defined manually on every new version since 5.0 ! ) Is there any way to do it?


When I save a VR Object in 8.1 it saves it as a Meander file that activates Classic 9 on the Mac. Now when I send these files to PC users who don't have ArchiCad they can't seem to read it when they could read previous AC 7 VR Objects. It was mention...

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Wishes -Holiday Greetings!

Wishing You All a Very Best of Holidays and a Peaceful, Happy and Healthy New Year!

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split properties in elevation, really!

Enclosed .JPGs of 3d window, plan, plan with marque selction set, single ofending wall and it's properties displayed, and the real problem, the appereance of the elevation. All selections except selction set, to verify no duplicates, were copied with...

How about announcements of updates?

I was surprised to find a new update for 8.1 on the GS website. I can't find any trace of an announcement, except by hunting for it. Shouldn't this be something we should all hear about? Or is GS trying to keep down the crush of downloading?

molding- baseboard and crown molding

I have been asked to show baseboard and crown molding in the interior elevations of the house that I am currently working on. It seems like it would be good to model these rather than draw them onto each elevation as lines. That way I could universal...

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Saving AC window as a *.tiff file format

Recently, I needed to save an Archicad .pln file in a *.tiff format . The file was all text (a cover sheet for a project). I was not sucesfull because when I open the .tif file in Phostoshop, the image size was too small. Increasing the image size is...