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Library Parts not loading in Layoutbook using Views

I know this has been covered before, but I can't seem to find it. I have an architectural floor plan that is imported into Plotmaker 3.1 using view sets. I have tried multiple times to update the drawing and every time none of the library parts come ...

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Log Handrails

Greetings all! I have been monitoring and gleaning help from architalk for about a year and a half. The new web interface is great! I am working on a residence and trying to easily create log railings for a large deck. I seem to recall seeing a way t...

Gradient fill in ArchiCAD

Another way would be to create the gradient fill through Archicad. We have done this in the past and it has worked. Create the fill by drawing a generic arced wall and use a 3D vectoral hatching to show a pattern on the wall in a elevation view. Crea...

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Drag to Script Window via Exposé

You can use the drag-and-drop to script window feature via Exposé in Panther. Get the element moving with the arrow tool as usual, holding the mouse button down. Invoke Exposé in either all windows or all application windows mode. Rest the cursor in ...

Wall reference line

I have the impression that AC is envisioned with the wall reference line on the interior of a perimeter wall. Someone correct me if I am wrong. ( my understanding result from the way windows are placed) I do not like this and this is not correct . Bu...

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SURVEY: What do you think about ArchiCAD's Documentation?

Click the link to let Graphisoft know what you think about ArchiCAD Documentation: Please make your comments specific: this helps us give due consideration to your ideas, and lets us act on them. Thank ...

Tip - Gradient fill in ArchiCAD

I thought I would share.... We had to draw 2d elevations (based on the 3d model of course!) of a building that was curved in plan. We wanted to create the effect of the curve by putting a gradient fill over the the coloured elevation. I found that it...

The Label Tool

I have never bothered using the label tool for key notes because in AC 7 the text blocks could only be displayed as transparent. Does anyone know if this has been corrected in AC 8.1? If you make your own .lsm label objects, can you provide a mask to...

exploding individual elements in a section/elevation view

Is it possible to explode individual elements in a section/elevation view? I'd like to do this so I can edit how those elements are represented in that particular sedction but still have them be objects, slabs, roofs, etc. in the plan and 3d views. I...

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Newbie question on roofs

Hi All, I am new to ArchiCAD...convert from AutoCAD. Is there an easy way to create the following type of roof? I have a 'square' building and wanting to place a roof which has an overhang to all four sides (equal in length). The roof is monopitch. H...

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