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problem at foundation corners

Running into this issue and despite reading some similar posts, can't for the life of me sort this out. I have a foundation that when shown in "Show all" plan is show to connect at corners correctly. When shown in "Foundation Plan", they are shown as...

Merging part of several walls

HiI want to make a door that goes through several walls, but as I have understood, it isn't possible. Therefore I would like to merge the walls together, but just a part of the wall because there is a height difference in the wall that makes the merg...

Trenneth by Participant
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Custom fence

Greetings, I am relatively new to the Archicad software and I have a question regarding the possibility of customizing fences. Is it possible to model a complex fence that would be a combination of stone with iron bars and what would be the most effi...

Amangava by Participant
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Resolved! space between stories

Hello, When I draw the ground floor and then I draw the first story, there is a space between them. space I think it is about a 1story height. What should I do? Below are the photos with the 3d model, the ground floor settings and the first story set...

alex732 by Participant
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hotlinked modules or separate pln files

hey all,so im trying to setup a new master plns for the place im working at. the masters are for different design for dwellings with different facade option for trying to find the easiest way to do in regards to the facade options. i have way...

Differense in behaviour of roof

When I create a flat roof, and alter the angle in 3D, the change is reflected in the Roof Height and Pitch window. But when I alter the gableheight of a gabled roof, using elevate ridges, it doesn't reflect the changes. Bug or intended? .Kamelite

Kamelite by Enthusiast
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cabinet bugs

sorry to be flooding the forum with bugs lately.. found another one. currently not possible to have different knobs for different segments. changing one knob changes all of them. screen recording showing the bug:

Resolved! How to cut out pieces of a roof or slab

Hi, I have made an object using the roof tool (selected below) that I would like to cut out a piece of along the dotted line as shown:Aditionally, I want to cut the same object at the bottom along the dotted line as shown here:I wasn't able to find a...

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