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ARCHICAD - Customized door/window and composites

Hi I created a customized door object with the wallhole, I edited the 2d symbol and works great when its is placed in a basic wall. The problem is when it is placed in a composite wall because wall closure doesn't appear. How could I fix this? Thanks

Archicad 21 roof edge display on plan

Good day all! We've started up a couple of new projects in Archicad 21 and I've noticed a few things in the interface that are troublesome. The main one that is bothering me right now is the way that roof edges display on the floor plan- unless the e...

Resolved! 2D reference line different in 3D

Hello, I created a wall with profile manager (because i wanted some horizontal lines on the exterior skin). So in 2D the reference line of the window is at 12.5 cm, but in reality it is shown outside the wall. However, in 3D it is shown correctly at ...

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  • 2 replies

Resolved! Door Sill not showing correctly

Hi probably a really easy fix but I can't seem to find the answer myself. How do you show a door sill correctly. My sub walls and main wall intersect at ground level as my wall construction changes at this level however this then creates a problem wh...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 8 replies

Fonts must be available on the host system

Can fonts be part of an ArchiCAD file? Using 3D text object. When I load a file from another user who has used a font which is not available on my system, it displays with another font, which is available on my system. So, ArchiCAD project file does ...

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  • 1 replies

Edit multiple text labels

Hi, Up until AC20 it was possible to select multiple labels and edit the text of those labels by changing it in the label settings With archicad 21 it is not possible to edit the text of the label in its settings window. I can't use the find and repl...

ARCHICAD-Talk upgrade over the weekend

Dear Talkers, over the weekend we will upgrade ARCHICAD-Talk to a newer forum engine with a more up-to-date look, improved support for mobile devices and some other usability improvements. During the upgrade the forum will not be available, starting ...

Export doors/windows to Sketchup separately from walls

Hello people! I have recently started working with Archicad 18. I need to export my Archicad models to Sketchup, so i can then apply materials and render the buildings with Vray. The first issue i had, was that the elements were exploded in separate ...

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  • 2 replies

Thicker line

May be this is a dumb question, but as far I am not consider a dumb myself, I am asking. Is there a way for drawing a thicker line, but not using the true view thickness option. I mean just to draw a single thicker line leaving the other with the sam...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 2 replies

Cut Fills In 3D Window (v21 Bug?)

Hi guys. I'm using v21 Build 5010 INT and having a strange problem with 3D representation. All my cut fills in ALL 3d Windows appear brown colour, regardless of the building material used. I do not have any Graphic Overrides on. I checked my renovati...

jakubc7 by Booster
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