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2022.1 Preview and Archicad

I just installed 2022.1 and I also installed the Archicad Plug-in just in case it was updated. I think I did everything I usually do when I link an AC file to TM but when I import the AC file I don't see anything. I've gone back and refreshed the lin...

Resolved! Object IDs

Hey all, So i am trying to automate some object IDs, something that should be simple but is turning out not to be. I have built a favourites library with various objects such as lights etc (just symbolic representations), in the favourites i have giv...

Plant Name (Tree Name) Display

I have the same tree in multiple plans. On the landscape plan I want to show the "Plant Name"On the site plan I don't want to show the "Plant Name"The Plant name links back to my planting schedule too. But if I untick the "Show Plant Name" it turns t...


Archicad 25 & TwinMotion direct link

Hi guys, I've just installed Archicad 25 and would like to use it with Twinmotion 2022.I'm trying to use the direct link and getting this window in Twinmotion and consequently I'm unable to i have installed the Datasmith plugin in Archica...

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OS by Beginner
  • 2 replies

Dimensions : Switch between core & wall face

I'm trying to dimension a project. In the Structural Display I need to see Entire Model, but only dimension to the face of the core.In the same view, there are instances where I need to dimension to the face of the wall finish. The building has multi...

Text tool bug

Hi there! I've been struggling with a minor bug for quite a long time. But as small it is, as annoying it can get. When I'm writing a text in the Text Tool box, after a short period of time, the Enter, Backspace and Delete buttons from my keyboard st...

Bullwise by Participant
  • 13 replies

Imported service DWG - Scaling symbols

Hello, Rather than retracing all ELEC documentation provided by our service engineer, I import his DWGs as a drawing, edit its layer combination and appearance and place it on my RCP views. I got different RCP scales, 1:100 for general RCP plans, 1:5...

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