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Resolved! Redshift Renderer in AC 25 ISSUE 2

Could someone please explain why the image of the water tank wrapped in a fiberglass insulation is distorted/corrupted in Redshift renderer (lighter image)? 'Standard' renderer generates the image correctly (darker image). Plus, the Redshift renderer...

Chata - Standard Renderer 2.jpg Chata - Redshift Renderer 2.jpg
Voytek by Booster
  • 8 replies

Resolved! Superscript function

Not a bug perhaps, but still something that does not function as well as it could.When using the Superscript function, if Dimension settings are set to display Fractions in Small Type the Superscript indicator ( ^ ) will show up in the Dimension. It ...

2021-11-05_10-05-59.png 2021-11-05_10-12-48.png

Zoning color in sections Archicad 25

I have seen some videos showing the use of zoning in sections that seem very useful for presentations.I have to try to figure out who to make this work with labels to show the zone name in sections. Whoever I can not make the zoning stamp to show in ...

Screen Shot 2021-11-05 at 11.35.19 AM.png
iggiv by Participant
  • 2 replies

Wrongly generated GDL objects in schedules

Just a few days ago I discovered a bug with plan symbols in a schedule.To reproduce (in 24, not tested in 25) do the following steps: Have a GDL object at hand / or make one, where the symbol in plan is dependent on the MVO (i.e. electric vs. RCP)Gen...

runxel by Mentor
  • 1 replies

Archicad 22 - Wall selection issue

Hello, Does anyone know, why do I have this problem with the wall selection?When I try to select a wall it sometimes grabs the elements which are behind it, but sometimes it manages to select the wall which I want to select, but it happens only when ...

Skin List Label Size / Text Wrap

Hi I am trying to set up some office standards, and looking into ways to standardise detail annotations. I am wanting to have specification notes defined in the building material properties, and then display it in a skin list label when labelling a c...

Screenshot 2021-11-04 at 11.38.06.png

Schedule single side of morph

A colleague has modelled a panel cladding system using morph faces, as it was proving too complicated for the CI cladding tool. The cladding panels are 4 different finishes and they're trying to schedule them, however with both a surfaces schedule an...

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