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Project info input from document

Hope this is the right section.... Just wondering if there is a way to aumomate project info input.I usually write down a projet/clients details in a Word doc that I keep in the project folder. I then find myself inputing the same data into AC when I...

DataSmith / AC25 / missing parts in twinmotion

Hello I have installed twinmotion and the latest datasmith, when I imported the AC file I noticed some parts missing. They all have the same classification, same renovation filter, same layers, just perplexed on why only random parts did not transfer...

Foti by Enthusiast
  • 11 replies

Zone Stamp 02 26 2nd Line of Zone text

Does anyone know how to call the 2nd line in the Zone Stamp 02 26 for autolabeling? We are trying to use Labels to show additional info for our Building code plans, and just came across my first instance of a 2nd line of zone name being used, but cou...

JeffH_0-1667251975775.png JeffH_2-1667252144946.png
JeffH by Booster
  • 0 replies

Wall schedule mystery..

I am having an issue today which I had never encountered. On my wall schedule, the 2d plan view of each wall has disappeared. I am wracking my brain here trying to solve. Could use some help.

Text and Dimension Graphics BUG

Hi I have weird bug with graphic on AC 25 iOS and Dark Mode. My text and dimension are black when I apply or edit.When I edit text it's become black and when i go another drawing or plan it be visible. But it's very anoying because when I move it lit...

Skärmavbild 2022-10-31 kl. 09.05.13.jpg Skärmavbild 2022-10-31 kl. 09.05.29.jpg Skärmavbild 2022-10-31 kl. 09.15.07.jpg

Archicad 26. Dimensions problem

Another problem with the graphics in version 26. (Dimensions)Inclined (italic) numbers in the dimensions, are cut. The font is cropped horizontally, there is no problem in the vertical dimensions. There are also problems with other font display modes...

BoNgO by Contributor
  • 1 replies

Basic Space Planning Schedule

So I need a schedule that can perform the following (rather basic) functions1. On any given story2. Within a confined space (like a building outline)3. I want to place a number of varied ROOM PLANS (think like a hotel / condo) a. some 1 bedroom, some...