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Visible demolished doors and windows

Hi, I guess this is quite a trivial question because I have a feeling that I've already dealt with it once but can't remember how, so need to ask you guys: doors and windows that I set up as demolished still show up on the plan, even though I set dem...

Coversheet Rendering

I have searched on here and googled how to get a crisp clear rendering on a cover-sheet at a large scale to no avail. I have a large home that I made a sketch looking rendering of to put on the cover-sheet. I saved it as a PDF, Tiff, Jpeg etc, all th...

Archicad DFWx alternative

Hello! I'm kinda stressed out as I have a deadline for a status-report in 3 hours. In the report I'm supposed to document where I'm currently at in the project. I'd like to export a 3D model, something similar to a 3D DWF, but I just dont know what t...

m0skus by Newcomer
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Shrinking text

I am finding that when I double click a text box item on the plan, then edit the text, it shrinks, at first I thought that I was somehow doing it, but it happens often & randomly, so I am thinking now that its a bug. Is anybody else experiencing this...