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Archicad 18 Revision History settings

I have quite a lot of changes that need to be listed in my layout. I'd like to use the simple (not the detailed) version of revision history tool to avoid putting each change on its own row. In the simple version the max. number of rows per issue see...

jusauram by Newcomer
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one layout in several subsets

hello there! is there a way to have one layout in more than one subset in the layout book without having to copy that layout? i'm trying to organise the layout book using subsets and i have many layouts that belong to more than one subset. i really d...

Mo Muk by Newcomer
  • 1 replies

Surface labelling for objects in v19?

I recently tried using the ArchiCAD out-of-the-box surface label to read surfaces of an object, but it doesn't work. Wishful thinking. Is there any way to do this? We're really wanting to embrace the power of labels in v19 to get as much BIM info int...

Color to B& W in HyperModel layouts.

Like most people, I imagine, I put my drawings together with a variety of colors that relate to line weights. Old school. How can I easily change the layouts in the HyperModel from colored drawings to black and white without change all the pen sets. ...

Section marker setting not saved in favorites

Hi. Running AC19 #4013. Whenever we open/start a project the section/elevations are set to place unlinked marker. Unfortunately this setting is not saved in favorites. We want favorites that are preset to create a new marker. Is there any fix to this...

BIMx Pro -missing email with links

Purchased the BIMxPro today from the Apple App store. Was supposed to receive an email (I don't know if it's supposed to come from GS, or Apple) with links to send to client that would enable them to use the BIMx Pro viewer free. At least that's the ...

3d document not editable

Hi, I have created a 3d document, but am not able to edit it. Everything is unlocked, and groups suspended. The editing handles are black but the editing palate does not show. Any advice appreciated.

Scotty by Newcomer
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In the attached image file there are a number of walls that are not labelled. I have just started using v19. Previously, my recollection is that there was a check-box in the default wall settings that allowed me to indicate I wanted the wall labeled....

Simultaneous Metric and Imperial Scale Bars

Hi Y'all, I'm working on a set of drawings for the Historic American Buildings Survey. The Department of the Interior requires: "A pair of scale bars, English and the corresponding metric scale, is required for each scale used on a sheet of drawings....

mc0m by Newcomer
  • 2 replies