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Survey follow-up – Door/Window Detail Level

Dear Community,Many of you took part in our recent survey on “Detail Levels of doors and windows on a single drawing”:

BIMx Android Emulator for Windows 10

Hi, I am trying to run BIMx on my Surface running windows 10. I am trying out an Android emulator called AMIDuOS to run BIMx. I noticed that the "+" symbol to add new projects is missing in the app and instead a globe is there that links me to the BI...

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360 Degree Background

Hi All, I seem to remember back in the days before Bimx you could have a 360 degree site background with a whole lot of photos taken from center of site and stitched together. So now with Bimx how is this achieved? Am assuming it is a lot easier to d...

Area text WITHOUT displaying unit

Hey there ArchiCad people. I'm trying to display area text for a fill without displaying the unit. So in the image here I want the text to display "Area 480" not "Area 480 m^2^". I think this looks much tidier. For some reason this is the case for li...

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alpha map

Hi! I use tif texture with alpha map. Alpha map is white background with black dots. I need it to get perforations on my surface. with internal engine everything works well. I have those perforations and the rest is corten solid surfaace. Problem sta...

Screenshot_2017-04-01-22-05-51_resized 2.jpg
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Composite Structures

Composite structures in plan view not showing dividing lines and fills. I winder if there's a simple step I've missed. It only happens in one particular file I am working on. It works fine in my other files.

Graphic Override Query

Hi There I am wanting to do a particular graphic override for 3d display purposes only, which involves swapping out all materials to for example cardboard. except I also want to still have all my glass in cadimage doors still appear as glass (and any...

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