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Survey follow-up – Door/Window Detail Level

Dear Community,Many of you took part in our recent survey on “Detail Levels of doors and windows on a single drawing”:

Publish layout in pdf format

When I try to publish in pdf format a layout 1,060 x 91.50 cm (417" x 36") i get a 19,42 MB file with one white (empty) page size 508 x 91.5 cm (200" x 36"). How can I publish this layout in pdf format? Please, help me. Tanks

Anonymous by Not applicable
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I only have a three months experience with archicad and interface design , so please do not laugh. How do I make the circular disk street light at the EAST of the building emit intense ray of light ?

Anonymous by Not applicable
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AC 19 - Switching Layouts, changes Zoom

In AC 18 and prior... I could switch to different layouts by using the "Go to next Layout" buttons or by using the view map. The layout displayed would change and the "current" view would be maintained. In AC 19, switching to different layouts someti...

2D trees with reflection

Hello, I need your help because I have a bug with cinerender. As you can see, the 2D archicad trees seem to be reflective. The problem is that the 2D trees are not as textures, and have no reflection channel can be disabled. How can I do? Thank you i...

associative labels

I like the fact that we now have associate labels, however due to long standing workflow habits, I've just placed quite a few labels that are now associative to the wrong element. How can we re-direct an association or even disable an association onc...

how do i make a label with different shapes

In ArchiCAD 19, how do I make a label with different shapes AND a pointer? For example, I have been using (previous versions) an independent label that uses Label Window Marker 18 (see attached). That way I could use it with a diamond shape for Demo ...

Bill by Newcomer
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Issue Management

Having become very excited about the prospect of Revision Management in release 18, and only just getting round to learning how to use it, I discover that the process is linked to Issue Management - which makes perfect sense. However, I was disappoin...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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ArchiCAD 19 video card compatibility

I've used my current i7, GTX 260, SSD, Win7 setup on ArchiCAD 13-18 with no issues. Installing 19 caused constant crashes with the nVidia drivers - old, new, WHQL - didn't matter. Graphisoft has only verified Quadro and FirePro cards. http://helpcent...

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