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can't change layers of IE markers

Hey there, I've placed individual IE markers in my drawings and i want to change the layers they are on, but the layer option is greyed out. i have also placed some Common IE markers but i can change the layers on those. they are not locked and it se...

Resolved! Transparent material casts shadow

hello everyone, this is an old issue . I need to study sunlight and shadows for a complete plan which comes through windoes ..etc.. so, I select top view and render with hide ceiling , subsequentely the sun light enter the room from the space of hidd...

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  • 4 replies

twinmotion installation

Any body else had problems intstalling Twinmotion for AC 23 ? Its been installed and appears in my tool bar above. But when activated (direct link) it says not installed. see image. thanks all

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  • 4 replies

Change Drawing natural outline (ArchiCAD 23)

Hello, Starting from ArcahiCAD23, the base outline of a drawing (the line type and pen its outlined with while having no specific user defined outline) is a very loose dotted line that has almost the same color as the gray background of the Layout Bo...

Black Render !

Hello everybody ! I have trouble rendering with Cinerender. Since yesterday, all the renders have come out completely black, with no sky above. You can see in the attachment what it looks like. I've been working with Archicad since 2016, using it to ...

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