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Link Interior elevation markers

Any way to link interior elevation markers similar to process to link sections or details? I have several interior rooms that are duplicated. I'd like to create on IE for one room, then use a dummy IE marker in the additional rooms and link them to t...

The font is not saved when the drawing is saved in the PDF

Добрый день. Загрузила на компьютер новый шрифт, все хорошо, все программы этот шрифт видят, архикад тоже видит, но при сохранении чертежа в формат PDF шрифт не сохраняется, изменяется на другой. Подскажите, как решить эту проблему?

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Dimensions changing in the layout view when I place a worksheet

The dimension lines that I make on my worksheet change values when I place the worksheet on the layout tab. 1st image is the worksheet view where i added the dimensions and the 2nd image in the layout view, where on the left I've added the worksheet ...

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Shadows Hiding Hatches When Plotting

Hello All, I am working on colored elevations, and they show just fine in the archicad layout, and when I print them, but when I plot them, the shadows become solid fills and hide the hatches. How can I correct this? I don't change any of the setting...

Work sheet and renovation status.

Hey all, Having a weird issue when trying to create a worksheet. I am trying to create a worksheet for a portion of a ground floor plan. I can make the worksheet and i can open it in the Project map, and its all fine, i can edit it, change pen sets, ...

Grid visibility control

I would like to change the location of the grid header locations. On 1st storey, the building is larger and the grids extends to past the external walls. On 2nd storey, the building is smaller and I only want to place the relevant portion of the plan...

Resolved! Custom ArchiCAD parameters for AutoText?

Hello forum, We have come across a scenario in a project where our workflow would benefit from custom parameters to be used in autotexts. Using the parameters for Project Details, Client Details etc. is not sufficient. We have experimented with the P...

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