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Resolved! Complex profiles corners

Using a complex profile (Foundation wall) in a continuos manner, or using two separate walls and then intersecting them do not show a clean corner., they show an ugly overlap of both, the wall portion and the footing edges belowUsing AC25 and out of ...

Settings View of 3D Objects on 2D Worksheet

I'm trying to make a 2D Section drawing which involves placing furniture objects into the line drawing (for instance the Dining Table Rectangle 26), but when I place them they're always in the top view. Is there a setting to change objects to the fro...


Hi,I can't come up with a solution via searching....maybe not entering the correct terminology. I have two slabs. One is the concrete floor and the other is the column footing. The top of the footing is just below the slab so I put both on the same s...

Which version of rhino is most compatible with archicad?

REVIT is pushing GD (generative design) a lot.It seems to be advertised as being able to do apartment layout with this.And it is said that optimal arrangement is also possible. If so, how should I access it in archicad?Are you trying to do it through...

Shell Tool Curved Geometry

I'm trying to create the below geometry using the Shell tool. I can almost get the shape I'm after, but cannot curve the two longest sides as dashed below. Hoping someone can please give me some guidance. 

Screenshot 2023-06-26 133317.jpg Screenshot 2023-06-26 133244.jpg

Find an undesired material in the model

Hello everyone, I generated a list of load-bearing exterior walls in Archicad 26. Initially, I used autoclaved aerated concrete as the material, and then switched to limestone blocks. In the list, there is a position with the old material autoclaved ...

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