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Complex profile based generic object

The question is if is there generic linear object which could I use as base for different complex profiles? First thing first, I know I could accomplish this with a beam, but I cant place vertical beams which is already a problem. I just want, for in...

Resolved! issue with layout

Hi!I'm currently making a school project, and have some issue with the layout and the numbers/the format the numbers on the dimensions and of the doors and windows. On the work sheet they're in the correct way (ex. 12,93 or 44), but as soon as I put ...

kopi17 by Newcomer
  • 2 replies

How to create 3d line between windows?

Hi, I try to add chamfer between these local windows but they look like one unit. I export these windows 3d rendering programs. Do you know how can I adjust geometry of these windows? Is there a way to chamfer frame edges?


Resolved! Archicad 22 object and missing surfaces

Hello,I am a newcomer to Archicad using Archicad 24 Solo. A new employee brought a template developed on 22 to the office that we are giving a try. If I unlink the migration libraries, I have missing surfaces. I have manually replaced the textures th...

camille_1-1632619711350.png camille_0-1632619477345.png
camille by Contributor
  • 2 replies

GSM extension file

Hi, Is there a new way or method to read imported .gsm exension files in Archicad 25?

Mjules by Enthusiast
  • 14 replies

Request: Disabled Bathroom Accessories

Hi Graphisoft, I kindly request that you make available the following items:Independent bathroom grab bars, similar to those used with the disabled toilet seat.Make the possibility to disable the toilet in the disabled bathroom toilet.Thank you

Brick window sill behavior is quirky

I have windows set in walls with brick veneer. Each window has a brick sill. I set the depth of the brick sill to be 3/4" beyond the brick wall surface. This worked well, until the client wanted a brick frame at each jamb. This brick is a stacked cou...

Wallniche side materials

What's the secret for having custom surfaces in a WALLNICHE? The status bit 256 is set, the materials (surfaces) as well, but it changes nothing. Any insight here?

runxel by Mentor
  • 7 replies

2D and 3D object origin

Hi! I hope someone here has the answer. I've modified an existing tree, changing the image in 2D with the help of 'fragment2 all' script. The problem is that, when inserted in the working plan, the 2D and 3D origins do not match. I tried to move the ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 2 replies