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Climate Emergency: Embodied Carbon Calculator

Is ArchiCAD likely to be compatible with the latest open source initiative responding to Climate Emergency? If not we are missing a trick! If synchronising with Twinmotion can improve and simplify re...

Energy Model

Hello All, I am having an issue with uncovered area while running Energy Model review in Thermal Blocks Tab. The area of uncovered area is too much even more than area figure. Already checked all zone assigned within thermal block and all zoned are a...

Ecodesigner Star - suggestions

Using Ecodesigner has been at first without any particular problems however when going a little deeper into it, there are some issues that I would have thought need some attention and/or clarification from GS. Ecodesigner is a very important componen...

chrrev by Newcomer
  • 1 replies

Energy Evaluation - Zones for double height spaces

Anyone has a good workaround for situations where thermal zones partly span 2 or more floors and partly just 1 floor? The basic problem I have is that the zone recognizes openings and structures located on the zone's floor. One could argue that by gi...

chrrev by Newcomer
  • 0 replies

Resolved! Energy Evaluation comparative results

I am using the External Baseline Building feature of Ecodesigner Star and overall it is great. However, there seem to be a slight bug which I can't seem to be able to resolve... Anyone out there?

chrrev by Newcomer
  • 2 replies

PHPP & ArchiCAD 22

Hello, My practice are developing our passive house expertise and as we do our modelling in ArchiCAD we were hoping to make the most of ArchiCADs capabilities in energy evaluation and PHPP export. Has/does anyone have any guidance on this? best pract...

Resolved! Pink shading under roofs after running Energy evaluation

Hi, After running Energy evaluation I noticed that in the 3D-window there was a pink hue around the building. I deleted all layers and zones associated with the energy evaluation, but the pink hue remained. I have now isolated it to coming from the r...

CarlM by Newcomer
  • 2 replies

Double Facade Evaluation

Hello to everyone! I'm preparing my final thesis for graduation, and I started studying how to make evaluations of my models. Anyhow, my project is composed of a central building (simple concrete structure) and a double ventilated facade (the main to...