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interior trim vertical & horizontal

Am trying to make a rectangle outlined in an interior trim profile. I can make the trim run horizontally without a problem (profile is a beam). However, I can't make the beam go 90 vertically however (only allowed to go to 89 degrees vertical). I can...

Sloping site - Terrain and boundary wall visibility.

Hi, I'm working a sloping site and I am struggling with controlling the visibility of both the terrain and the boundary walls/columns in plan on the various levels. Ideally I would like to see all elements represented in plan according to the floor p...

Aquavit by Newcomer
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Window library error message

HI I am using archicad 14 and i keep getting this error message: "incompatible types in expression at line 80 in the master script of file W1 14.gsm" how do i remove it as i am unable to use that particular window type?

Anonymous by Not applicable
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material window

Hello, I have set my AC 14 template in which, I have deleted all Cadimage materials because I don't want extra material list. But when I open new customized template, Cadimge materials appears again. Am I going wrong somewhere? Regards, Ratna

Visibility in 3d window

Hello, If I select some area in marquee and press F5, then why my 3d window shows view such as attached image( not always). some materials are visible as black. My material editor shows same material perfectly in both rendering engine. Regards, Ratna

wall connection

Hello to all, Here is another problem of clean wall intersection. As per attached image both walls are composite but having different height, one is of say 7 feet and another is 6 inch. Why these walls are not having clean connection? ( AC 14 ) Any h...

3d junction.JPG

Standard command box disappeared?

Hi, this is probably a very basic question. I am using archicad 13, and when i click and hold on an element the standard command box is not showing up (the one with drag, rotate, mirror, multiply etc) This has never happened before. How do I fix it? ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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