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composite dialog size

I wasn't sure where to ask this. OK so: I open the composite dialog box. Next you click on the composite that is current and it brings up a dialog box showing all the composites in the project/template. The box isn't wide enough to see the full names...

Error in elevation view of library object 2D (plants)

AC 22 W10 x 64 bits. Error on all the objects from library of AC 22 (library updated today) Plan view: ok 3D view: ok Elevation view: only you can see a rectangle black. See in the atached image. How solve this problem? Thankyou

andomar by Newcomer
  • 5 replies

How to model a Cycling Track

Hello All! Is there a way to model a cycling track using ArchiCAD native tools? I would like to have a 150mm thick concrete for the track. The issue is the straight and the curve are at different slopes (see attached image). I tried using a complex p...

STAIR AC22 upper and lower connecting structure?

I`m missing the subfloor plus finish thickness control-ability. In the past there was an option to choose the thickness of connecting slabs, now in the new stair tool we have a lot of option but this one is missing . I`m able to set these values for ...

BPETER by Newcomer
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roof slope across two directions

Hi, Is it possible to slope a roof (or any other tool) across two directions - so front to back but also side to side? I can only get a single plane roof to slope in one direction. I'm using SE18. Thanks

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