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Railing floor plan display problem

Stairs have always posed problems for me, last time Barry helped me figure out how to get the railing to show correctly in 3D on a L shaped stair with winders. Now I'm having problems getting the railing to display correctly in 2D. A minor problem, I...

Fill Pattern Hatch Scale Not Matching

Hi, I have copied a fill hatching into my current project from another file, that I want to match. It is on a layout and I use the pickup parameters dropper to copy the hatch and then draw a new hatch. The hatch matches in all respects, except the sc...

Resolved! Cross Vault view

Hi! how do you fix the underside of this cross Vault? that I created with the shell tool? I try to change the setting of the magic wand but it doesn't work. Any help?. Thanks

How do I create this railing?

This is a common railing and I can't figure out how to do it. The balusters are evenly distributed in the railing and the posts are kind of separate. I think GS should pick 20 railings from differens markets and create tutorials. /Mats

Resolved! from 2D to 3D

hello! i.m new to Archicad and i would really appreciate some help. I have to design a garden and made the 2D plan, but it doesn.t appear in the 3D view. I used the fill tool to create the surfaces and read after that i can.t use them in 3d...

Resolved! Cannot see mesh part that cut by floor plan cut plane

I'm new in ArchiCAD so you should excuse my question. I've modeled sloped terrain and a slab. (MODEL_VIEW.jpg) In floor plan normally, i expect to see the part of mesh that cut by floor plan cut plane but i cannot. Mesh is in all projection (PLAN_VIE...

exterior window casings don't work with reveals?

I'm using AC22 USA to design Passive Houses, so i need to have the windows set back in the wall with a reveal. the trouble is that the exterior casings don't seem to recognize this and are placed against the sash not the surface of the wall. as far a...

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