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New ARCHICAD speed modeling tutorial

Fresh of the press the latest ARCHICAD Speed Modeling tutorial. With this 3D model, I explain how to make good use of the curtain wall + shell tool. These tools are pretty powerful if you know how to use them. If you enjoyed this video, then please s...

Issue with a morphed slab

Hi have an element made from a slab - rectangle with a half round end. If I convert to morph and apply a radius edge the curve is slightly different to the straight line (leaving a small raised junction) - In the section you can see the different rad...

Saving new view to appear on the top of View Map

Just a minor grievance, but every time I save a new View by default it appears at the bottom of the View map, then I have to drag it all the way to where I want it (which is usually in the top half). Is there any way to set it so that by default when...

Resolved! Altering tread and riser hight in ArchiCAD 21

I'm pretty new to ArchiCAD and I'm struggeling with the stair tool. I'd like to be more flexible with my tread and riser hight as I'm drawing an existing building that does not have standard measurements. The stair tool seems to have fixed measuremen...

ANNA B by Newcomer
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Double Facade Evaluation

Hello to everyone! I'm preparing my final thesis for graduation, and I started studying how to make evaluations of my models. Anyhow, my project is composed of a central building (simple concrete structure) and a double ventilated facade (the main to...

Project2{4} Usage

Hi all,When using Project2{4}, is the second set of definitions the infinite cut plane settings as in the guide it says "...(numCutplanes+1)"? Anyway, I am trying to get a projection at a defined height through my object, but I seem to only get the u...