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Resolved! Inconsistency selecting roofs? - version 22

In the 22 user guide there is a "Small Improvement" noted ... • Selection of overhead elements in Floor Plan now omit their surface detection, to give priority to selection of uncut elements. Select overhead elements by their outline. This is fine, b...

Landscape Design Tutorial

I had quite a few requests from my subscribers and followers to create a landscape model tutorial. So here it is, starting with a sound foundation and basic understanding is key. There are a couple of tools you can use and I show you some great tips ...

Area Light Rod Archicad

Hi, I'm trying to get the area light - rod as horizontal to run under a bench but I cannot seem to find the right command or selection to change it from vertical? I'm using Archicad 22 on a Mac Regards Naomi

ngoldie by Newcomer
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Resolved! Modeling facade between arches

Hi everyone, I came up to a point where I have to post this problem of mine in the forum and ask for your opinion. The case concerns the modeling of a special window / facade. As you can see in the image, the space between the arches will be filled w...

agroni by Newcomer
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Library part Maker v2

I installed LPM v2 this morning from the UAS Exclusive downloads. Well done Graphisoft! I did try v1 but just never got the time for it to click, v2 is quite simple and provides level of detail (LOD) options for both 2D & 3D which work with MVO or ma...

ArchiCAD vs Chief Architect (and Revit)

Hi all, I'm brand new to this forum, so thanks' for responding to my post. I'm a current Revit (advanced) user using it for mostly residential projects, and I'm looking for a better solution that is faster and overall more efficient for simple and co...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 7 replies

Has anybody used slabs for site contour modeling?

I have not used slabs or mesh for a site yet in AC. But I like the look of stepped contours in a 3D model as they are easier to read. Will I run into odd issues in AC if I use slabs stacked (like the old hand built cardboard site models), or does the...

how to pass a whole array to a geometry functions?

Hey everyone, is it possible to pass all values from a one dimensional array to a geometry generating function without referencing the index of each single element? simple Array: dim sides[] for i=1 to 3 verts = i next i This is possible: block verts...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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