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Resolved! "Bent" section line

Hi I have a building that is at an angle in plan. I'm wondering whether I am able to draw a single section using the section tool that is "bent" to follow the angle of the building, like the attached. Is this possible? Ben

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Can I script a custom label pointer?

Hi, Is it possible to script a label pointer? The attachment shows a label I'd like to have as a real label. We cheat right now with manual 2D... Maybe it's not a pointer I'm after!? I looked in the gdl cookbook but this is another thing. /Mats

Wireframe Hotlink

Hi all, Is there a way to wire-frame a hotlinked module as a whole without duplicating layers? I have multiple buildings on a site model and I was wanting to wireframe one of them. I was hoping that the master layer would allow for this, but it appea...

Archicad updates

Here we are again - yet a new update coming up while they haven't properly fixed the current version. I note that AC21's HELP is still a DRAFT version. They will presumably never get round to releasing a proper version because there is no point. Arch...

KeesW by Enthusiast
  • 6 replies

Reset curtain wall changes

Hello. I am wondering if there is any way to reset changes made to a curtain wall? I've made a wall, moved some frames, deleted some panels etc., is there then a way to reset it to the base?

Bifold w/ Sliding Leaf

Hi all, Is there a way, or a part somewhere, where you can have a bifold door where the last leaf does not pivot but is instead a sliding leaf so that when completely open, you have a stack of doors minus 1 leaf? Basically so that you can stack on th...

Elevation Fills Not Showing Correctly

Think I found a bug but I would love the community to see about recreating it. If you create an elevation where some elements are cut and others are uncut, only certain vectorial fills will show on the uncut elements. For example, I created a slab wi...

Intersecting horizontal and vertical elements in 3D

Hello everyone, I recently started working with Archicad 21, and I am confronting an issue which I have not found a solution for. I have attached some images presenting the problem. All of the beams, walls and columns that I have seem to intersect th...

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  • 3 replies

Save beam with complex profile as favorite

Hello. I am trying to create a favorite of a beam I have set up that is using a complex profile, and it works if I use it right after creating it. If I however create more beams without a complex profile, and either apply my favorite to them, or try ...

New to Archicad

Hi everyone Just got started with archicad as I'm completeing a diploma of building design. Does anyone.know where to learn all parts of archicad? I have built my house walls but not sure how to add internal tiles in bathrooms and stuff just need to ...

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