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Resolved! Walls different in 2D and 3D

In one part of my model, I have three walls which looks perfectly fine in 2D (see screenshot, the selected walls), but when I switch to 3D the two thinner parallel walls are suddenly sticking out on the other side of the thicker wall (see screenshot ...

BarryKelly_0-1639099769999.png BarryKelly_1-1639099781494.png
DangCad by Contributor
  • 3 replies

Resolved! Why it is so hard to select objects in Archicad ?

Hi ! How can I select objects with magnet icon (for move), maybe some hotkey like "Q" when snapping, in other words to make magnet appear when I want and not search for tiny areas inside objects to make that magnet finally appear.I don't see a logic ...

kosta by Booster
  • 6 replies

Point cloud LAS file

I have received .LAS point cloud file, how can I convert it to .e57 or .xyz file to be usable in Archicad. Ivan

Missing profile hotspots

Just came to dimension up a couple of beams using complex profiles in v24 and noticed that the segmented version with a matching end cap & hotspots only displays the base line points, unlike the straight beam which retains all the original hotspots. ...

Screenshot 2021-12-08 at 15.06.14.png

Door & Curtain Wall rendering: Frames showing transparent

I'm just starting the rending process in Twinmotion, but I seem to have transparent frames for some of my doors and curtain walls. How do I show glass as transparent and the door frames and mullions as metal? I've gone through some trial and error ex...

Archi136.jpg Archi137.jpg Archi140.jpg Archi138.jpg

Resolved! Stair width

Hey guys. I need to create a flight of staircase with a tread of 600mm, how can I achieve this?

Ci Tools window + door scheduler problem

Hey Gurus, im having a problem where the Ci Tools window + door scheduler will only update when i go to "CI Tools" - "Door + Windows" - "Update Schedule". Even when i have marked the "Auto Rebuild" box. And when i use this function "Update Schedule" ...

Resolved! Hide Reveal Settings

I'd like to hide the "Reveal Settings" tabpage, which is listed under "Settings"I created a custom Window with my own tabpages, but the tabpage "Reveal Settings" automatically shows. 


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