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Lag issue when trace is on....

My laptop gets very laggy when I am working on one floor and I have the trace tool turned on for a floor above or below. I have an I7 processor with 12 gig ram and Nvidia geforce GTX card It seems to improve when I turn off the Renovation Tool pallet...

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ARCHICAD 21 Beta Registration Starts

Dear Talkers, GRAPHISOFT is looking for people who would like to participate in the beta test of the upcoming ARCHICAD version, with a similar public application process than last year. Registration starts today, if you are interested, please visit t...

Make Archicad recognize all intersections in 2d element

Hi: I have a floor plan created in autocad where everything is exploded into lines. SO I thought it would be a good idea to create a 2d library element in order to deal with all those lines and have a smaller file size and less slowdowns. The problem...

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View of Reference Lines only. Is it possible?

Hi. I would like to setup a set of Views aiming to help the setting-out in constructions fields of reference meassurements. Is it possible? In Graphic Overrides I am not able to override Reference Lines Type.

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U-shaped Stairs with diagonal steps in rests

The attachment shows 3 stairs applied to compose one U-shaped stair. The reason why I can not use the U-shaped provided Stair is that I can not split the resting corners into to have diagonal steps. So I have created 2 normal stairs plus 1 circula st...

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"Offet edge" option not showing in 2d flyout menu

Hi, im learning archicad and watching tutorials which shows a feature that i cant find in archicad, the offset edge, when working with two walls to move one wall while staying connected to the other, Tutorial My archicad: Im doing exactly the same th...

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Auto wrap wall end

Hello everyone, I was about to make a wish, but I decided to ask fisrt just in case there is something I don't know about this. So my question is, Is there a way to make the wall to auto wrap the exterior face when you draw it and is not connected wi...

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Graphic Override problem

I just downloaded and installed the 5011 update to AC20, mostly in response to "215625 MODEL: "Show on Renovation Filter" couldn't be added as a graphic override criteria." I'm thinking, great, they got this fixed so now I CAN add the renovation filt...

prefabricated wall components

I want to create a series of library part that consists of a section of wall with a window and/or doors in the wall. The wall will have a complex profile and I want the wall to retain the properties of a wall, and the window to retain the properties ...

ARCHICAD 19 8000 & 20 5011 Update Previews available

Dear All, As of Today, a Preview version of the next ARCHICAD, BIM Server & BIMcloud 20 Updates are available on our Download sites. The packages are already tested with the AUS, INT, UKI and USA language versions of ARCHICAD, BIM Server and BIMcloud...

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