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Pet Palette disappears and can't seem to get it back. Have went to work environment >dialog boxes and palettes and applied my scheme but it didn't come back. can there be a memory problem that would cause this. Its not on my machine but on a person w...

Override Surfaces

I would be nice to have one more override for surfaces since almost all building components have 4 sides, not 3. You may want the fills to show in floor plan per the materials you made, but because of the way the walls don't clean up the ends properl...

No snap points when trying to split

Anyone else see this? I find my self unable to find nodes when I think there should be one. One situation is in 3d when I try to split something. It does split at the node if you happen to be on it with the cursor but it does not display the node poi...


Ok, I am sure this has been discussed, but a quick search found nothing... I've looked thru the GDL Reference Manual, but cannot find a global variable for the UCS rotation.... I've got some old 2d objects that try to orient text always horizontal.. ...

AC 17 Wall intersection ??

See attached pic. Am using simple interior wall. Cleans up fine for corners, not for T intersection. Same wall type, same materials both walls, all settings are exactly the same for walls. Can't figure out why the intersection will not clean up. Than...

window in rotated wall?

Hello. I am trying to cut a window in a wall that has a special shape: rounded on the inside and polygonal on the inside. Initially I drew this wall as a slab (the right side of the image), but afterwards realized that I cannot cut a window in a slab...

igreere by Newcomer
  • 2 replies

In AC17, can walls clean up to roofs as well as to slabs?

I was asked by a client to troubleshoot a section in AC17, since the walls did not clean up in section to the deck. After some testing, I found that the new Building Material-based intersection management seems to only work for walls meeting slabs. I...

Override Cut Fill

When you activate the Override Cut Fill in Override Fill Display, which pen number is it actually using?

blimp by Newcomer
  • 3 replies


Is it against ArchiCAD's protocol to delet the already given layers when you open a fresh ArchiCAD project, and instead create your own?

blimp by Newcomer
  • 15 replies

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