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Survey follow-up – Door/Window Detail Level

Dear Community,Many of you took part in our recent survey on “Detail Levels of doors and windows on a single drawing”:

Label Leader Line

The leader line in a label object is generally too long for me. I know you can adjust the leader length after placement but this is tedious on occasion. Is there a way to edit the default length? Kris

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 3 replies

Resolved! Auto Pens in Viewport

Usually in the office people draw in our pen weights titled "Standard". When we print, we like to have it set to "Standard Black & White". Is there any way to get a viewport to automatically transfer to "Standard Black & White" when creating a viewpo...

Floor gloss

What is the simplest way to add gloss to a stone floor ? Can't seem to find the settings in AC 21+ AC 22. Cheers Carsten

bimx file from two pln files

I recently divided a single (AC 22) pln file into two pln files (file size exceeded recommended limit) -- one for the model and one for the layouts. I cannot figure out a way to publish a single bimx file, so that model and drawings are in one file a...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 3 replies

bimx desktop tablet

Hello I have a windows tablet and would like to use the bimx mobile app on site, is there a way to get it? I opened my bimx model with the bimx desktop and all I can do is rotate the model, doesn't seem use full. Οr am I doing something wrong, i just...

Foti by Participant
  • 3 replies

Displacement - Triangulation Issue

Hi, I'm playing around with CineRender's Brick shader, and trying to get some convincing results when using it in conjunction with Displacement. I've just done a test render and there seem to be some real oddities. The shadows between the bricks appe...

View expanded when rendering

Hi, I'm just trying out rendering with AC21's 'Align Verticals' option ticked for the first time. It seems that what is displayed in my 3D Window doesn't match the rendered output - the render seems to show more of the scene, as if the Field of View ...

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