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modeling furniture and preparing documentation

Hi Archicad people, I've been using Archcad for architectural design and it's been going great. Now I'm trying it for interior design and I'm struggling to figure out the workflow. Any advice is appreciated.I'm modeling custom furniture with slab too...

Insulation wall hatch not aligned

 I want to show that the insulation should be also fixed to the walls. I created a wall and used the same building material. The hatch was horizontal so I had to copy the building material and hatch (90 degree turned). But the hatch is not within the...


Create a Stair with Different Winder Runs

I've been trying to create a stair that has a single step, then a winder with 2 runs, a straight run, then a winder with 3 runs, and a single step at the end (as previewed in the top stair). The closest I was able to get is the bottom stair, but for ...

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kylevfa by Contributor
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Zoom with dial of xp pen

In archicad version 25 (5010), 27 (1000 & 2000) I can zoom with the dial of my tablet, it is more practical for me to do it that way, but in version 26 (5002) the zoom does not work with the dial of the tablet, I reinstalled current drivers and went ...

Grover by Contributor
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Connecting walls / window opening

Hi, can someone help me with this please? I made an example to "illustrate" the problem. If you look at the screenshot, there's wall 1 and wall 2. Wall 2 is hosting a window - an opening for the window is cut automatically. Now, if I move the window ...

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13senpai by Contributor
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Resolved! Archicad wall texture problem

Dear Community, When I try to place a window into the complex wall profile the interacted parts gets bottom part of color like these doors. It should be blue. Any advice?


Door leaf frame

I can't add frames to the panels on the folding door 26. It shows only the glass, but I wanted to add a yellow frame to each panel. Can someone help? Thanks!  

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Metal web joist length

I am a le to change the length of the beam object but not to the exact length I need. I also have a composite floor with air void I managed to get the Webjoist showing up in this void. However I see also see a lot of thi gs in the void I don't want t...

How to resize multiple lines together in archicad?

Hi! Even though I select multiple lines, and I try to resize, it only resize one. (thats the point of selecting multiple lines?) I can't find solution.:(( Please if you could help and explain like to 5 years old Thank youuu