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Resolved! How to change premade presets in AC ?

Hi!Where can I change presets in Archicad ? For example to have pen sets as desired by default, I mean to have them as I need when opening a new file.Also I don't use most of materials and prefer to create them manually or keep the list only of those...

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Unable to Import DWG

So simple, I know!Have a bunch of DWG files, trying to import into AC 24, Mac.Have the DWG add-on.Tried dragging and dropping the file in, placing external content, and opening directly.When opening directly AC startup dialog appears and then goes aw...

File size

Hello everyone. Sorry as i don't know where to put this topic Not long ago i have bought laptop for graphic design and have installed Archicad. I have 2 drivers, 1 which is C has not so many space because i wanted it to be designed only for Windows, ...

Multi roof levels projects

Hi, new user here. I am trying to set up a project with multiple roof levels ( existing roof at 2400 and extension roofs at 3000 ) does it needs to be done on the storeys settings ? any link to online education where to learn on to set up extension w...

Archicad for preparing for architecture degree.

Hi, I have been doing research into different CAD software for architecture and Archicad seems like one of the better pieces of software for architecture.I'm planning on doing an architecture degree in the future but I need to build a portfolio up, a...

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Custom curtain walls

Hi, I made a custom curtain wall to create an external cladding for my project however I'm having issues aligning the tiles. When I stretch the wall the tiling becomes distorted unless its at a certain measurement. I don't know if anyone's experience...

Screenshot 2022-03-21 at 11.13.31.png
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