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Curved Associative Railing

Hi all, Does anyone know how to curve the tops of the railings where a landing and steps meet, rather than there being a step between the two. Thanks It is a spiral stair and the railing is associative to the stair.

Multiple Navigator Palettes

I suddenly have 3 navigator palettes on my workspace. I can't get rid of the extras. I tried closing the project and opening it up and that didn't work. I even opened another project and it had the same issue. I have never had this happen and I've be...

AC24 New commands

While updating our office Template to 24 I stumbled upon a few very interesting new commands:(under new commands in 24 work environment, commands, menus)-hide selected-hide unselected-show all-show in plan-show in 3dhowever they don't seem to do anyt...

Hide floor slab material and line in section

In section, when cutting through a space with no floor (e.g. vaulted ceiling or stairway), is there a way to make the side of the floor slab appear the same as the wall with no side texture or lines? I have the side of the floor slabs set to the sidi...

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Shortcut key for confirmation

Hi ! Simple question. Is there shortcut for confirmation in Archicad? For example when drawing chained wall or placing a dimension needs to toggle context menu and choose "ok", which keyboard shortcut is for that "ok" operation?

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Resolved! Strange grid system behavior

Hello !Menu , Design > Grid System creates grid well but problem starts after creation, this is grid created according to settings depicted. Have no idea according to what logic checkboxes are set that way if grid has left and bottom markers visibleB...

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Resolved! lines are thin/grey where the walls connect?

Can anyone help me figure out why the lines are thin/grey where the walls connect(see picture)? I recently upgraded to Archicad 24 so I'm figuring out the differences. I have clean wall intersections checked so I'm stumped. Any help would be apprecia...

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Resolved! Archicad snap is not precise

Hello ! After I found that blue circle on corner which is not easy to wait all the time by the way, But even after blue guide snap set it still works like that. It is not sitting precisely on the line as you can see, and that zoom is not too much clo...

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