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IE issue

Hi, Observation while trying to work smarter... I've tried using IE-groups that recognize the zone (IE inherits the zone number) and it works great until I change the zone name/number. The IE group marker changes accordingly but not the name of the I...

Point Cloud not displaying in floor plan

I am just getting started with 3D scans and I'm not sure how everything works. I have imported a .e57 point cloud file to Archicad 23, it is displaying in 3D view but not in floor plan. I have looked for a solution everywhere but couldn't find anythi...

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Mesh terrain creating only using elevation points

Hello I have a map within a city with elevation points of the terrain but i do not have the contour lines visible. Is there a way i can create a mesh terrain only using these elevation points? I wish it was possible to do that without drawing a line....

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Wall Connection Problem

Hello, Does anyone know how to fix the wall connection problem I have in the attached picture? I have tried to change the connection priority on both the foundation wall and the stone wall and nothing helps. The walls are all complex profiles.

Lock a Module

In ArchiCAD 21 and earlier versions you can use the Lock command to lock a module in place. However in ArchiCAD 22 and 23 you can not. Weird, why has this facility been removed? We have found Locking our Modules prevents accidents happening in Teamsh...

Resolved! Bespoke Furniture workflow

Hi all, I frequently design bespoke furniture elements and have started to model these in ArchiCAD rather than only 2D. I'm interested to hear how people do this in their work. I currently model it off to one side so I can create views / 3D documents...