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splitting wall wont work

hi ive created a wall and i want to create a curved wall height, so I'm trying to split the wall so that I can edit the height of it but the wall wont split... any help? thanks heaps edit: all solved now thanks !

keily Participant
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Create Guide Lines

Is it possible to create a guide line based on a snap line? it would be much faster, instead of always creating new guide lines by dragging them from the sides.

Cannot load custom door panel

I have created a door leaf from a slab like I have done in the past versions but there is no option to save selection as....... anything. No options.I can save a gsm but then cannot load as a custom door leaf. Libraries and objects offers no options ...

Oh that roof!

Most people on the forums, ask questions and ask for help and advice. But I decided to blog about events and work related directly to the Archicad program in my work. About the pros and cons of working with client projects.Today I want to touch upon ...

Resolved! Wall edge surfaces are not overridden

Hello,I have a problem with a specific model from which I extracted two walls, built with the same material, on the same layer and storey, with base lines connected, but:The side (edge) surface finish of the thicker wall doesn't get overridden, and y...

wykończenie ścian - problem.png
Mike96 Enthusiast
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